What We Do


At CB&E we have experience of working in either a plan and specs or design-build environment. Our passion for finding the best value for our clients doesn’t change as a result of the contract type. We are committed to delivering a project that is both on budget and also on time.

In a plan and specs format we don’t just take off what we see and price the work according to the drawings and specifications. We work outside the box and look for inconsistencies and missing items. We highlight those items for you in our comments and clarifications so that you are not surprised later by a potential design flaw or an omitted item. We feel we are being hired for our expertise in building and that is what we deliver.

When we are able to work in a design-build environment we are able to put our talents and experience to work for you from the very beginning of the project. We will assume the responsibility for the design from the civil through the architectural/structural and the MEP design. Our process is totally transparent. We show you all the bids and work together making the selections based on your expectations and our experience. During schematic design phase, we will provide you with a Guaranteed Maximum Price. The GMP locks in the cost for you and is our guarantee to deliver the project on budget.

At CB&E..

  • Doing what we say we are going to do is not just a catch phrase, it is our way of life. We are impassioned about schedules, commitment and doing all the things you expect from a professional contracting firm. Culturally, this is a value that runs in our DNA.
  • We know the importance of having a reliable schedule and that the project dictates the duration of the work. When the need arises, we will be there for you. Whether it is adding manpower, working off shift hours or maintaining a 7 day a week schedule, we will do what we have to do to get the job done on time.
  • For renovations, CB&E has experience working within an existing, operating facility. We take measures to provide sound control, dust control and mitigate the disruptions that are inherent to renovation work. We become part of your team and give priority to the elements for success that are important to you.
  • We carefully review the scope of work to ensure that we can deliver the best value for the work. Through our continual educational process, our staff is constantly staying in front of new methods of construction and finding innovative ways to improve the work. Our value engineering ideas will ensure that you are getting the most for you construction      dollar.
  • We understand that building relationships with our clients is the key to our sustained growth and survival. We will do what it takes to exceed your expectations and build relationships with our clients long after the work is completed.